World of Warcraft Classic: Level to 60 – Guide, Tips

As the essential support is many raid and dungeon groups, it’s easy to see how Priest is the go-to healing class for Classic WoW. Priests excel at healing any content in the game, including PvP, while being

As the essential support is many raid and dungeon groups, it’s easy to see how Priest is the go-to healing class for Classic WoW. Priests excel at healing any content in the game, including PvP, while being possibly the best 1v1 dueling class in the game as a Shadow Priest. Priest has a great leveling pace, with many tools and healing abilities to ease your way through Azeroth on your journey to Level 60. This guide is for those who prefer to grind out their levels.

Doing Quests

First, and definitely a good option, is to do Quests. Questing is the core of this game and it requires you to choose wisely and follow important notes. Therefore, it’s crucial to do as many quests as you can.

The reason why quests are good for leveling is that they give a massive amount of experience when you do a lot of them. On the other hand, doing a couple of quests only, won’t have effective effects on your level bar.

And, most importantly, getting to know which zones to occupy and take quests from is of the essence. This means that it’s better to move to another zone if it suits your level, rather than staying in the same zone and complete old and undermining quests.

In addition to that, we enlisted some leveling zones for you to try. Keep in mind that all these zones have their average level, so advancing into the next zone sooner can hurt you in terms of experience.


This is a faster way to reach level 60, grinding dungeons can allow you to get more XP effectively and you need to continue to do the task with other four players. In other words, you will face some more difficult tasks, and you may be directed to some very tough dungeons. After completing these tasks, you will get some valuable rewards and XP, but they are never easy to own. You have to find some friends and form a team before going to dungeons, or your XP will drop at fast speed when you can't successfully complete the dungeon quests.

Leveling zone order

Almost every zone of World of Warcraft Classic can bring some XP to the players, but the zone order in a limited time is an efficient way, such as prioritize efficient tasks. You need to plan your regional route beforehand and complete the task in the shortest time. The more precise your route, the faster you level up.

Melee Cleave

As you might expect, Melee Cleave groups focus on melee AoE damage. Warriors are typically best for this, so a common composition (as outlined here) is three warriors (with Cleave), one paladin, and a priest for healing. Shamans can fill in for the priest here, but rouges are basically a no-go due to their lack of area damage. It’s a simple case of having the paladin pull entire rooms with a protection bubble and letting the warrior spin to win while the Priest buffs and heals as needed. There’s a bit less risk involved with a Melee Cleave group over Spell Cleave, but the latter can beat out the other for raw EXP once mastered.

Spell Cleave

Spell Cleave dungeon groups are far more involved. Spell Cleave groups can burn down entire dungeons in one go if done right, but it’s incredibly hard to pull off. Instead, be prepared for small pulls with plenty of downtime for mana regen. The idea here is to pull packs with a warlock/hunter pet or bear druid and have mages slow/freeze them with their spells and burn them down with things like Blizzard. The packs will be large enough to one-shot almost anyone if they get close, meaning paladins with a bubble are also good for large numbers. Priests are fantastic healers here, but shamans and paladins can potentially fill in.

Kill everything you see, GrindGrinding, may sound boring and lost in time and not even relevant to World of Warcraft as much as it is to some Korean Free to play mmo’s, since it can be replaced with bunch of quests or even dungeon farms. But in WoW Classic you sometimes might end up in a situation where you are between 2 zones where you have outgrown one zone and not big enough for the other, here comes grinding, where you can supplement quests with monster kills to make it faster. Just try to kill every monster you come across as you travel from one quest to another. It might not look like much when it comes in, but that little extra EXP will really build up over time.


Contrary to popular belief, grouping can actually be a great way to quest. Whether or not it is worth grouping comes down to your personal preference and kill speed while solo. First and foremost, leveling with a friend can be much more enjoyable than playing solo, so do not hesitate to do what is most enjoyable to you. If all you care about is efficiency though, then you need to look at kill rates. Most classes benefit greatly from pairing up into a duo or group, but some less so than others. Hunters, for example, already have one of the fastest kill rates in the game solo, so putting them into a duo is only going to slow down their XP/hour compared to being solo for the most part. Warlocks also have an excellent kill rate while solo, but giving them a duo partner who can tank or heal allows them to purely focus on damage, which can greatly increase their kill rate, making them a great class for duos. To figure out if it is worth it or not, you need to know how XP is affected in groups.

Gold is important

The financial side of WoW Classic is striking with realism. The size of your inventory and bank account is strictly limited, so you must prioritize and choose which items to keep and which to throw away. If you open an additional bank account, this will not only save you from the need for strict loot prioritization but will also help you earn some Gold by selling unnecessary items you now can keep for a long time not carrying them around. Use every opportunity to earn Gold: it provides a large number of opportunities, access to unique resources for high-quality production, useful Skills, purchase of excellent gear, and much more. Having a stable financial position, you can fully realize your gaming potential and reduce the time required to achieve high levels. If you want to save yourself the need to save money and give an impetus to the development of your Character, you can buy WOW Gold Classic from