Can I be replanting trees?

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My objective is levelling around 53 so I could do quests with plantation requirements. I'm level 31 farming and currently have a willow tree growing in Falador and an Apple tree in Catherbery. Can I be replanting trees and OSRS gold fruit trees whenever they are fully grown? If I chop my willow for logs do ents along with the arms which split your axe come out? I multi-task while on RS and break my axes so often I need to carry 3 rune axes in my personal inventory. I intend to put in a tree in Varrock and a fruit tree in Gnome stronghold because they are simple for me to get to in my farm runs. I haven't started to do bushes or hops yet.

I am now f2p I have been training str from 77 to 79 nearly 80 im quitting at 80 to find other skills up but that I will likely grow to be a participant soon and I want a skill cape. If I receive a skill cape I dont need fletching or cooking though just as it's very simple I want my first 99 to be special so I figured strength would be quite good. Just how long could 80-99 str take and where to train?stats: Depends on where you train, if your ready to spend money on pots/good meals whilst coaching there, etc..

First off I'll just say - the strength skillcape is nearly as popular as fletching/cooking ones these days. If your following a exceptional cape, go for a skill such as mining, slayer, runecrafting, farming, hunter, agility or fishing. These can be trained cheaply and fairly quick enough if you set your mind to it. But back to your question, where to Buy RS gold train strength. There are a few areas that I'll mention: