talk about Runescape and move it forward once more

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What has changed in the armor of OSRS GP armour in response to the massive changes in combat? Based on what I've observed, I have these questions: Does armour does not offer any more bonuses for attack? What incentives do I need to use in my armor that is appropriate for my class to achieve this? The new d'hide/purple gownsand rune seem to offer similar life and defense bonuses. What is the mechanism behind this? Are these robes as secure as running robes? What is the reason I would wear rune?

In theory, because offensive bonuses aren't a part of armor anymore If I'm an archer or safespotting mage, my gear should not be less than that of one who is the most powerful. Does this make sense?

This isn't an armor issue, however spiders are very easy to kill. Which are their weak points? What can I do to determine what element of spells are most suitable for combating the creatures? What kind of weapon should I choose? Do I have to stop the use of melee to combat them?

I've heard that a lot of weapons are currently balanced. Do you think this applies to armor too? AKA Chain mail, would it be able to the enemy without sacrificing defensive bonuses? Did square shields and medium helmets also receive changes? The latest update is confusing, and I still need to master. Any assistance is welcome. Thank you!

The most popular battle cries is "Adapt or die!" as Evolution of Combat updates eat away at the players of Runescape. EoC players frequently hear this cries and believe that adapting to change is beneficial.

The issue is that we are creators and thinkers. We are conditioned to adjust the environment to meet our requirements. It is essential to talk about the subject with other people in the context of their environment. Being a sheep is about being able to adapt to the environment and allowing others to dictate what you are saying. You get slaughtered.

Two indicators of intelligence cheap OSRS GP are flexibility and focus. Jagex isn't both. Jagex is adamant in its method of rushing with updates. Its primary focus is money and not on the people. Jagex's style of communication is the issue. The root of the issue is in the Runescape forums. Jagex and players are able to gather on forums to talk about Runescape and move it forward once more.